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Tiddly Tots Yoga

Today we had a taster session from Tiddly Tots Yoga and the children loved it. They listened and copied all the instructions from the teacher extremely well so we will definitely be having more yoga sessions in the future. Thanks again Tiddly Tots Yoga.

World Book Day 2012 – 02/03/2012

Well done to everyone that dressed up for world book day today some lovely outfits were worn by children and teachers. We had lots of knights, princesses, witches, a transformer and Peppa pig and even Harry Potter showed an appearance. Well done to the teachers as well who all made a great effort – we had Anne in her home made outfit as the ‘the Gruffalo’, Dawn in her outfit as the ‘mum’ out of ‘my mum likes spots and my dad likes stripes’, Margaret in her outfit as ‘Where’s Wally’ and i was dressed up as Minnie Mouse.